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Pre Order Inspection

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$238 per man/day all-inclusive

  • Pricing covers inspector transportation, accommodations, overtime, weekend and holiday inspections.

  • The re-inspection fee will be at your Supplier's expense if the products didn't pass the 1st inspection.

  • You can increase the re-inspection fee with your supplier as your wish.

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What is the Pre Order Inspection (POI) ?

The Pre Order Inspection will take place when you plan to order  from the supplier but need to find out whether the products design, product inside structure, product functionality, product reliability and the workmanship can meet your requirements.



What do we check during Pre Order Inspection :

• Product structure design, inside structure, electrical safety

• Product material analysis

• Product endurance test ( such as motor temperature etc)

• Product workmanship situation

• Product functionality, specification ,and accessories

• Component CDF (construction data form) of the report checking



Why do you need Pre Order Inspection ?

First, this testing is done before you placing an order to the factory, so you can find out the possible defects of the products and request the factory to fix it.

Some defects, such as product structure design and  unqualified product material are nonreverible .Once the production is finished, the defects were found during  the PSI, there is no way to rectify through rework.

Furthermore, you can also get a better understanding of the actual quality of the product, so that you can in a better position when negotiating with the factory.

Last but not least, test related to the PSI will spend more time for stricter product tests such as product durability test, the product structure design test, the product material test, product function test, some durability test need more than 24 hours to complete.



 Product Expertise

Our experienced inspectors can provide quality control services on product types including, but not limited to :

Consumer Electronics 

Computer Products

Auto Electronics

Kitchen Appliance 

Audio and Video


Apparel & Textile products

Building Material

Telecom Products

Hardware Products

Security Products


Our Service Coverage Area ?

  • Hong Kong
  • Shanghai
  • Jiangsu Province: Suzhou,Zhenjiang
  • Zhejiang Province:


  • Guangdong Province:

Shenzhen, Dongguan,Guangzhou, Foshan, Shunde, Zhongshan, Jiangmen,Shantou


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How many samples should be inspected?

How to determine the acceptance number?



We use the Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) standard for all product inspections. 

There are three kinds of defects. For most consumer goods, the limits are:

 0 for  Critical defects (those that render the product unsafe or hazardous for the end user or that contravene mandatory regulations).

1.5 for Major defects (those that can result in the product's failure, reducing its marketability, usability or saleability ).

4.0 for Minor defects (there that do not affect the product's marketability or usability, but represent workmanship defects that make the product fall short of defined quality standards).


Take a example of inspection of “1400pcs” meat grinder, with an Acceptable Quality Limit of “II”, The table  SAMPLE SIZE CODE LETTERS>> indicates a general inspection level of "K".

Referring to table SINGLE SAMPLING PLANS FOR NORMAL INSPECTION>> row “K”,the sample size is 125PCS.Here are the limits: the products are accepted if no more than 5PCS Major defects and no more than 10PCS Minor defects are found during inspection.




So on below inspection report found 20pcs Minor defect, beyond the AQL allowed defect (10PCS).The final AQL defect result is REJECT.



In products inspection, the number of defects is only one of the criteria. The other criteria are “Checklist” on the inspection report as below. Sometimes Client’s special inspection requirements will be put in the checklist. Usually different products with the different checklist.



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